Chain Slings

Kuplex Chain System

Crosby Kuplex chain slings and components available from Lifiting Gear Oulet, Kuplex are heavy duty dual grade 8 +10.

Grade 8 Chain System

At Lifting Gear Outlet, we stock components from 7/8mm to 32mm along with a range of fittings that cover a wide variety of applications




Lifting Gear Outlet have a comprehensive range of branded chain slings. We stock it all.


Whether it's a single, double, three or four leg assembly. We provide bespoke chain sling solutions, tailored to suit every lift. Partnering direct with brands such as Gunnebo, Crosby, Kuplex, William Hacketts and Yoke, we can deliver quality and safety products to your doorstep. We are able to offer all Grade 8, 10 and 12 chain systems.